A token from chef Izu, with love and care.

We don’t hide behind ground beef.

When it's that time, you know where to find us.

Finest ingredients, bare and honest.

Real veggies for real vegetarians.

So good, you can’t even feel guilty.

When even just the thought keeps you grinning.

Not well done, but done well.

Dirty burgers, clean ingredients

About us

We pride ourselves on relying on premium ingredients like Australian angus and wagyu sliced ribeye—we don’t hide behind ground beef! Our fluffy potato buns, buttered and toasted perfectly, are only suitable for excellence, whether it’s our grilled Emmental topped beef or our perfectly crispy corn-fed chicken.

We have vegetarian and vegan options too! (Yes, we remember you) but we refuse to use imitation meats. Instead, we use succulent, umami filled portobellos that are craved even by meatlovers.

We also have the most irresistible desserts that can be downed with inarguably the best coffee in town.

We’re telling you, everything is made with extreme intention. We’re here, unapologetically, to disrupt the burger scene and bring you the very best. When craving a sinfully exceptional meal, you know where to find us.

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